Our sport with sunshine… it’s not a dream!

Argentina, International, Norway, South Africa, Spain

With the successful introduction of the vaccine to defeat COVID 19 we can now begin to dream of a return to shooting and hunting freely. Why not dream of “SPORT AND SUNSHINE”


Partridges Autumn 2021 – March 2022

South Africa
Rock pigeons and plains game March 21 – November 2022

Dove shooting September 2021 – March 2022

Mark has a good selection of lodges and outfitters for you to select from please do not hesitate to contact him anytime.’


Hunting & Fishing Norway
Mark has recently been in contact with a Norwegian based friend to discuss an exciting new hunting opportunity extending to 1000sq km of Norway! Quarry species will include Moose, Roe deer, Wild Turkey, walked up grouse, reindeer and trout fishing. Accommodation is available in situ.

Please watch this space for more information once international travel restrictions are lifted and easier to manage for all.